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Spring Clinic 2022

We have not yet announced our Spring of 2023 Clinic programs.  Please do not register here, but just join our mailing list here:  MAILING LIST 

We are pleased to finally announce our Spring Clinic information.   Please be sure to read this page in its entirety for complete information.

We will only have one location for our Spring clinic this year.  The clinic will host a Beginner and an Advanced section.  

3/27/22-5/8/22 - Sunday Evenings

Georgian Court University- Wellness Center Arena

Beginner: 5-7PM (waitlist)

Advanced: 7-9PM (waitlist)

6 Total Sessions

All dates: 3/27, 4/3, 4/10 4/24, 5/1, 5/8

No session 4/17(Easter)

If there is a weather out, makeups would not be until late May due to graduation ceremonies.

Advanced athletes must have 1+ years of HS/travel team experience, or 3+ years of clinic only experience.  

Cost: $180

*$10 discount if registered and paid in full by 3/14/2022

What is the spring clinic program?

This program was created to give athlete's an opportunity to continue to play and improve their skills in the off-season, especially those who took off from Volleyball during the Winter season.  This session will be broken into two groups, an advanced group and a beginner group.  To participate in the advanced group, an athlete must have at least one year of HS or travel team participation, or 3+ years of clinic programs only.  The program will follow a general clinic format, teaching and refining various volleyball skills each week.  Sessions generally will start with a dynamic warm up, then focus on specific volleyball skills and techniques for about an hour.   Sessions wrap up with game-like drills, continuing to focus on the skills/techniques worked on earlier in practice.  

This program best serves those girls who have a few years of volleyball experience, or are beginners.  Depending on the size of our group, we would even break our Beginner/Advanced sessions into groups within the session.

Spring Registration:

TWO Steps to reserve your spot:

1.  Complete this registration form:


2.  Make a payment (online or check)

A follow up email will go out for those who are not paying by card within 3 days.

All spots are first come, first served.  Registration is not complete until registration AND a payment are made.  A confirmation email will follow.  Space is limited.  

At this time, this clinic is open to girl's only aged 11-18.

Why this program?:

- Top level training (all sessions will have a Coach with College level experience running/overseeing the session), Court Coaches also have years of coaching/playing experience

- Program starts up as HS Winter sports wrap up

- Program runs Sunday evenings, to hopefully not conflict with other spring teams/activities

- Less commitment (financially and time-wise) than official club teams 

- 2021-2022 Shore Volleyball Academy Programs have filled quickly.  We ended up turning away nearly 50 athletes for our winter sessions.

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