Club Alternative Program Winter 2019-20

Programming for winter of 2021-2022 is TBA.  We could not run this type of program in 2020-21 due to COVID, but do hope to run this program, or something similar this upcoming year again.

Official Dates for GCU Location:

5-7PM is for 10 years old-9th graders + all beginners

7-9PM is for 10th-12th graders (WAITING LIST)

12/29/19- Practice @ GCU (5-7PM, 7-9PM)

1/5/20- Practice @ GCU (5-7PM, 7-9PM)

1/10/20- Open Gym @ GCU(7-9PM)

1/12/20- Practice @ GCU (5-7PM, 7-9PM)

1/19/20- Tournament @ GCU (times TBA

1/26/20- Practice @ GCU (5-7PM, 7-9PM)

2/2/20- OFF - SUPER BOWL

2/9/20- Practice @ GCU (5-7PM, 7-9PM)

2/16/20- Practice @ GCU (5-7PM, 7-9PM)

2/23/20- Practice @ GCU (5-7PM, 7-9PM)

2/25/20- Open Gym @ GCU (630-830PM)

3/1/20- Tournament @ GCU (times TBA)

3/6/20- Open Gym @ GCU (7-9PM)

3/8/20- Practice @ GCU (5-7PM, 7-9PM)

3/15/20- Practice @ GCU (5-7PM, 7-9PM)

   *3/15 added for Super Bowl Cancellation

Weather make-ups also TBA.

Official Dates for MGUMC Location:

6-8PM is for 8th-10th graders with some VB experience.  All others must email us to be permitted into this program at this site.

12/27/19- Practice @ MGUMC(6-8PM)

1/3/20- Practice @ MGUMC (6-8PM)

1/10/20- Practice @ MGUMC (6-8PM)

1/17/20- Open Gym @ MGUMC (6-8PM)

1/19/20- Tournament @ GCU (times TBA

1/24/20- Practice @ MGUMC (6-8PM)

1/31/20- Practice @ MGUMC (6-8PM)

2/7/20- Practice @ MGUMC (6-8PM)

2/14/20- Practice @ MGUMC (6-8PM)

2/21/20- Practice @  MGUMC (6-8PM)

2/25/20- Open Gym @ GCU (630-830PM)

2/28/20- Open Gym @ MGUMC (6-8PM)

3/1/20- Tournament @ GCU (times TBA)

3/6/20- Practice @ MGUMC (6-8PM)

Weather make-ups also TBA.

The two tournaments, and three open gyms, will require RSVP's so we can plan accordingly.

Program Info:

This program did fill for 2018-19, so please register early to reserve your spot.

This program was created to give athletes an alternative opportunity to continue to play and improve their volleyball skills in the off-season.  We are attempting to provide a balance between the clinics that are too basic/instructional, and the travel/commitment/costs of club volleyball.

Included in the "Club Alternative Program":

1.  Training Sessions at site/time selected

2.  Two Mini Tournaments (1/2 Day-GCU)

3.  Three Open Gyms (TBA- weeknights)

4.  Program T-Shirt

5.  Insurance coverage

(No additional membership required- no AAU, no USAV, no JVA extra costs)

Why this specific program?

- Top level training (all sessions will have a Coach with College level experience running/overseeing the session), Court Coaches also have years of coaching/playing experience

- Program wraps up as HS/MS Spring sports start up

- Majority of the program is on Sundays at GCU/Fridays at MGUMC (to avoid other winter sport conflicts)

- Less commitment (financially and time-wise) than official club teams 

- 2018-19 was Year One of this program and a huge success.  We hope to build off of it for this upcoming year.

- This program best serves all skill and age levels, as we have enough athletes to break them into groups according to age/skill.

Club Alternative Registration Process:

TWO Steps to reserve your spot:

1.  Complete this registration form:


2.  Make a payment (online or check)

A follow up email will go out for those who are not paying by card.


$360 - Cash/Check Payment in Full

$370 - Online Credit Card Pay in Full

$370 - Payment Plan ($185 Due Now, $185 due by 1/15/19)

All spots are first come, first served.  Registration is not complete until registration AND a payment are made.  A confirmation email will follow.  Space is limited.  

At this time, this clinic is open to girl's only aged 10-18.


 Will this program fit my daughters   experience level?

Yes! Groups will be split up according to age/experience.  Those wishing to play with an older group must contact Dan Sempkowski to be admitted into a different group.  The site at Monmouth Grace United Methodist Church has only 1 court- so all levels of experience are not permitted.

 Do I need to pay in advance?

Payment options are listed above.  Your registration is not complete until a payment is made.  There are no other surprise charges in this program (ex. other membership fee's).

 What sort of travel/commitment is required?

All practices will be held at your assigned location.  Both tournaments will be at Georgian Court University.  Nothing will be held outside of Monmouth/Ocean counties.   Attendance is not required at any of the events, we just need RSVP's to plan according(open gyms and tournaments).  Each tournament will have new teams created.

My child is advanced for their age, can I sign them up for an older group?

We have created a short questionnaire we are using to determine if we will move athletes up to an older group.  We reserve the right to not move athletes up, as our goal is to preserve the integrity and level of each group.  Anyone interested in moving up should email us before paying to register.  

What is new/different for 2019-20?

1.  Both tournaments are at GCU

2.  We hope to better seperate our athletes at practices and tournaments based on age/skill.  This becomes easier with more participants.  This is also why we are not opening the MGUMC to all ages/levels.

Will you host a spring clinic again?

At this time, we do hope to run a spring clinic, but will not know for certain until mid-winter.

What are the mini-tournaments?

Simply put, we break everyone into teams to play against other teams in our program (and a few from outside the program).   Everyone is invited to play!

What are the open gyms?

Structured open gyms with the goal being a lot of play.  ​ While technically "open", only open to those in our winter program.

I have other questions, where can I reach out?

Emailing us is the best route (  Please allow a few days for response as we are in our college volleyball season.