Summer Volleyball Camps 2020

Expect our summer ​of 2021 camps to be announced in the winter/early spring of 2021.  As long as you are on our mailing list or follow our facebook page, you would be notified when programs are confirmed and registrations open up.

All of the below information is still from 2020.

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**Our refund policy has changed to make clear we will offer 100% refunds if any/all camps are canceled due to the ongoing pandemic. 


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Outdoor Summer Camp
The Only Summer Camp due to COVID
August 31st-Sept 3rd (9AM-4PM) 9/4/20 Rain Date

Hosted at Justice Complex, Jackson NJ

Open to Girls aged 10-18 

This camp is best for athletes of ALL skill levels, as they will be broken up by age/skill.

Article about required HS sports hiatus  8/28-9/13 by NJSIAA

*This camp is our best effort to try and get something the very last week of summer 2020.  All of our indoor camps have been postponed, then canceled and merged into this outdoor camp.  Following the regulations of NJ, we are not running an indoor camp the summer of 2020.  

The best way to describe this camp is as a mishmash of all the planned camps this summer.  Our beginners will go through more of our "General Skills" camp to ensure they are prepared for their seasons/tryouts with a base level of skills.  Our more experienced athletes will enjoy the HS Boot Style of camp being high paced, and the possibility of another college coach coming in to run one of the days.  Thursday will have a mini-tournament among athletes.

Some other important details:

- This camp will be run on GRASS courts on a field.  Exact field/parking details will be provided before camp

-While on grass, camp will use indoor volleyballs with a focus on indoor 6's being the priority

- Weather is an issue for outdoor sports, so an alert system will be set up.  We have Friday, 9/4/20 to use as a rain-out day as well

- While we are outside, it is still our responsibility to ensure our safety protocols are followed.  A full list of COVID protocols are below.  These are subject to change based on regulations federally, NJ, or the township of Jackson.

- 100% refunds are available for those who do not want to participate in this version of summer camp, or for anyone exposed to COVID prior to camp.

- Being outdoors, we have the ability to set up more courts with more space between them.  It will be significantly safer for all participants than an indoor camp.  


Click here for more Shore Volleyball Camp Info.

**Anyone wishing to no longer do camp is offered a 100% refund, please just reach out and let us know.

Updated 8/19/20


There are A LOT of moving parts, as we have to follow regulations of the state of NJ, the town where the camp/clinic is being held, and our insurance company.  These are subject to change based on requirements of any of the above organizations.

- As mentioned above, 100% refunds will be given to those unable to attend for any reason.  Please still let us know as early as possible, as our staffing/plans are formatted for the # of athletes we expect.  Camps/Clinic numbers will be limited, so please just communicate.

- If an athlete has to pull out during camp (Athlete OR Family Member becomes ill/have a fever), a portion of the paid fee's will be returned based on how many sessions the athlete participated in.

- A new medical form is being created.  To ensure it is accurate, this form may not be submitted more than 1 week prior to any Shore Volleyball Academy Clinic/Camp.  Parent/Guardian will need to sign that the athlete has not had symptoms, or been exposed to anyone with symptoms for 14 days prior to the start date.

- A Daily questionnaire will be required for each camper, EVERY DAY.  The camper must have their temperature taken before coming for camp.  Athletes will not be permitted to attend camp without the check done and form completed by a parent/guardian each day.  This is for the safety of all of our campers.

- Athletes will be REQUIRED to have their own water bottle(s) for the entire day.   Unless things change, any and all snacks/lunches will be kept by the athlete at all times.  If refrigeration is needed, you will need to pack an icepack/cooler.  We want to avoid any extra contact, especially around mealtime when dealing with food.

- Additional information will be sent the week leading up to your camp/clinic.  Governor Murphy is constantly making new announcements, so as additional information is available we will be passing it along.


- Masks required during check in process when 6 feet of distancing is difficult to maintain

- Temperature Checks on site for all/random selections before each session

- Separate check-in locations for groups to maintain some distancing

- Separate areas for separate campers to ensure they never are within 6 feet of other groups

- Masks requirements  for athletes (based on NJ regulations)/ Coaches in masks

- Athletes kept in the same group for the entire day in the same area

- Parents/Guardians after checking in must remain beyond a certain distance from camp courts

- Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns at .  Please understand much of this section concerning COVID is for athlete safety.

General Skills VB Camp



July 6-9, 2020 (9AM-4PM) CANCELED

Hosted at CANCELED

Open to Girls aged 9-16 


The General Skills VB Camp will be run in a typical sports camp fashion.  Each day will consist of basic/advanced skill training in the morning, followed by more of a play oriented afternoon to reinforce the skills and techniques.   Athletes will be separated  and grouped by age/skill levels.

This camp is best for those who have 2 or less years of VB experience, as well as beginners.   Those with experience will be train separately from those without experience.  

This camp is run by the staff of Georgian Court University Women's Volleyball team.

Click here for more Shore Volleyball Camp Info.

"College Coach" VB Camp

August 24th-27th (9AM-4PM) CANCELED

Hosted at CANCELED

Open to Girls aged 13-18 

Article confirming HS sports pushed to Sept 14th by NJSIAA

*Due to the nature of this camp with one master coach, this camp is best for athletes with a basic understanding of the techniques of volleyball.  There will not be a separate group for beginners to go at a slower pace.

*If by August 3rd this camp does not appear to fill, we will split the camp and run a General Skills Camp for beginners/near beginners  (aged 10-15 roughly) separately from those in the "College Coach Camp".  If interested in this portion of camp, just send me an email and I can add you to an email list that I will follow up with when we have a better idea.  My priority is filling this College Coach Camp for experienced athletes, but will adjust accordingly if their is space to run the General Skills completely separate.

Each day of camp will be run by a different "College Coach" who is brought in to run both the morning and afternoon session.  Each coach will bring their own style, teaching the game in their own unique way.  This is a great opportunity to learn from 4 different college coaches, without having to travel to 4 different college campuses.  Shore Volleyball Academy will be providing court coaches to assist on all courts.  

All College coaches at subject to change and may change up to that day of based on all that is going on.  College conferences are making new announcements weekly, so we do need 4 coaches that are NOT going to have a season.  Coach Sempkowski and Coach Ulrich of GCU are backup coaches, but the plan is for GCU staff to be helpers vs. the Lead Coach.

Monday Coach- Raquel Shaffer (Nyack College- NCAA DII)

Tuesday Coach- TBA

Wednesday Coach- TBA         

Thursday Coach- TBA


2019 Coaches Included: Andrew Brown (NYU-DIII), Allison Walker (Stockton-DIII), Kevin Rodgers (East Stroudsburg-DII), Jason Madsen (Fairleigh Dickinson-DIII)

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**Anyone wishing to no longer do camp is offering a 100% refund, please just reach out and let us know.

"High School Boot Camp" VB Camp


August 31st-Sept 3rd, 2020 (9AM-4PM) CANCELED

Hosted at CANCELED

Open to ages Girls aged 12-18 (any skill level)

For 2020 we are back with our regularly scheduled full-day HS Boot Camp style volleyball camp, run by the staff of Georgian Court University.

The #1 goal of this camp is to prepare female athletes for their upcoming High School volleyball tryouts!

This camp will follow an intense camp schedule; combining skill instruction, rigorous drills, and competitive games to get the most out of our athletes.  Our skill sessions are run just like our NCAA Division II college pre-season.   Our new/youngest athletes will be placed into a group that will focus on technique development, giving them a true leg up on others at their tryouts.  Camp ends with our always competitive, Camp Tournament.

Click here for more Shore Volleyball Camp Info.

More General Camp Info (BOTH)

Regular Cost: $310 per camp

Non-Refundable Deposit: $100 per camp

(Deposit is applied to the cost of camp)

(Deposit and all moneys paid towards camp will be refunded if any/all camps are canceled due to the ongoing Pandemic)

**Discounts Available**:

"2 Camp Discount"- $75 OFF the Second Camp

"Early Registration"- $25 OFF if registered and paid in full by June 4th, 2020

"Sibling Discount"- $25 OFF each additional child

**Payment must be made by check for all discounts other than the "Early Registration" discount**

*1 Discount MAX per camp*


- Registration is not complete until all steps are complete (registration form submitted and deposit paid).  Your spot is not saved until all steps are complete.

- Our camps consistently sell out, so please do not wait.  When we reach capacity a waiting list will be started.  The HS Boot Camp generally sells out 30-45 days before day 1 of camp.


- Upon registering, an email will be sent providing your payment options, medical release forms, and emergency contact info. 

- Each camper will receive a camp T-Shirt at the start of the week.

- A camp store will be available at all sites.

- Please bring lunch for each day of camp (12-1PM is our daily planned lunch time)


- All Shore Volleyball Academy camps and clinics are fully insured with K&K Insurance.   No additional memberships costs are required.



- Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns at 

Camp FAQ's:

What happens if the COVID 19 pandemic is still ongoing when we get to camps?

If camps were to be canceled, we would give 100% refunds for deposits and all moneys paid towards camps (just as we did in March when the Spring clinic canceled).  There may be instances where it is possible to reschedule an early camp for later in the summer.  In that case, you would have the option of a 100% refund or still participating in the new camp dates. 

It is our intention to follow federal and NJ regulations for all future programs.  Besides, most of our programs are at schools/universities that always error on the side of caution.  




Which camps are best for my athlete?

Please read the camp descriptions and who they are best suited for.  Camps are open to different age ranges.  In general though, beginners are accepted to the General Skills and HS Boot Camp, intermediate players could participate in any of the three camps, and advanced players would be best suited for the HS Boot Camp and College Coach Camp.  You may select multiple camps on one registration form.

How do I reserve a spot for my child?

All camps require both the registration form and a deposit to reserve your child's spot.

I am on the waiting list, what can I expect next?

Waiting lists are created once camps have reached capacity.  As registrants pull out (for any reason) we refer to this list to offer newly opened spots.  This could be from weeks before camp to even day 1 of camp.  Things do come up, so it is very typical for numerous athletes form the waiting list to make it into camps.

Is there air-conditioning?

The Wellness Center of Georgian Court University and the gym at Brick Memorial High School are both air conditioned.  The Casino (possibly used at the General Skills Camp depending on numbers) is not air-conditioned.

Are drinks provided?

All sites have access to water fountains and/or water coolers.  It is still heavily recommended to bring a water bottle so your athlete can easily stay hydrated for camps during each water break.

Frequently Used Locations:

*Not all programs offered at all sites, check program details for sites*

Georgian Court University

   Lakewood, NJ

Monmouth Grace United Methodist Church

   Eatontown, NJ

Brick Memorial High School

   Brick, NJ

Long Branch Beach

  Long Branch, NJ

  N Bath St & Ocean Ave

John F Patrick Complex

  Lakewood, NJ

Sportika Sports Complex

  Manalapan, NJ


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