Summer Volleyball Camps 2021

Below is the information for all of our Girls Volleyball Camps.  There are 4 weeks of camps, with 5 different programs (1 of the weeks has a track for beginners and a track for advanced 100% separate).  Being that we are still in COVID, our numbers will still be limited.  Space is first come, first serve.  If NJ steps back and makes sports more restrictive, athletes would be removed with those last registered.  Every summer, we have long waiting lists, so do not delay.

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Beginner/Low Experience Camps:

"Beginner Camp" "General Skills VB Camp" 

Advanced/Moderate Experience Camps:

"College Coach VB Camp"  "Competition Camp" "HS Boot Camp VB Camp"

Each camp will have a unique experience, and many campers participate in multiple with us.  


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Beginner Skills Summer Camp
July 6-9, 2021 (2:30-6:30PM) 
Cost: $330 ($305 Discounted Price until June 1st)

Hosted at Highline Arena (Aberdeen, NJ)

Open to Girls aged 10-15

This camp is best for athletes of beginner skill levels and those who have not played on a team for a full season.

Learning from our highly skilled staff, our campers will go through a progression of all the skills and techniques required in the sport of volleyball (serving, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, defense, etc.).   Each day will also include games/game like drills to ensure our athletes can attempt the skills learned in live play.  Thursday will have a mini-tournament among athletes.

General Daily Schedule:

2:15-2:30 Arrival

2:30 Camp Intro/ Dynamic Warm Up

2:40-4:30 Skills and Drills

4:30-5:00 Extended Break (Snack Time)

5:00-6:30 Games/Game Like drills to work on skills

- A full list of COVID protocols are below.  These are subject to change based on regulations federally, NJ, or the township.

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"College Coach" VB Camp

July 6-9, 2021 (2:30-6:30PM)
Cost: $350 ($325 Discounted Price until June 1st) 

Hosted at Highline Arena (Aberdeen, NJ)

Open to Girls aged 14-18

*Due to the nature of this camp with one master coach, this camp is best for athletes with a basic understanding of the techniques of volleyball, and have played on a team for 2+ years.  Running on the other courts is a Beginner Skills Camp for those of that level.

Each day of camp will be run by a different "College Coach" who is brought in to run both sessions for the day.  Each coach will bring their own style, teaching the game in their own unique way.  This is a great opportunity to learn from 4 different college coaches, without having to travel to 4 different college campuses.  Shore Volleyball Academy will be providing court coaches to assist on all courts.  

This camp will require mask-wearing for all participants at all times (other than breaks, drinks, eating) to protect our coaches who are attending.

All College coaches are subject to change and may change up to that day they are scheduled.  In addition, the rules within the NCAA and College conferences are changing.  Coach Sempkowski and Coach Ulrich of GCU are backup coaches, but the plan is for GCU staff to be court coaches vs. the Lead Coach.

Monday Coach- TBA

Tuesday Coach- TBA

Wednesday Coach-  Raquel Shaffer (Nyack College- NCAA DII)      

Thursday Coach- Jason Madsen (Fairleigh Dickinson - NCAA DIII)


2019 Coaches Included: Andrew Brown (NYU-DIII), Allison Walker (Stockton-DIII), Kevin Rodgers (East Stroudsburg-DII), Jason Madsen (Fairleigh Dickinson-DIII)

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General Skills VB Camp

July 19-22, 2021 (9:00AM-4:00PM) 
Cost: $350 ($325 Discounted Price until June 1st)

Hosted at Georgian Court University (Lakewood, NJ)

Open to Girls aged 12-16 (Beginners and those with some experience (Beginner-JV level)

The General Skills VB Camp will be run in a typical sports camp fashion.  Each day will consist of basic/advanced skill training in the morning, followed by more of a play oriented afternoon to reinforce the skills and techniques.   Athletes will be separated  and grouped by age/skill levels.

This camp is best for those who are either brand new, or not yet at an advanced level of the game (so middle school through JV teams).   Those on varsity teams would be recommended to attend another camp.

This camp is run by the staff of the Georgian Court University Women's Volleyball team.

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Competition Camp
July 26-29, 2021 (2:30-6:30PM) 
Cost: $300 ($275 Discounted Price until June 1st) 

Hosted at Highline Arena (Aberdeen, NJ)

Open to Girls aged 12-18

Athletes at this camp must have a general understanding of the sport, as there will not be much broken down skill work.

Once we wrap up warm ups, campers will be thrown right into play based drills, games, and competitions, being taught on the fly throughout camp.  Athletes will be grouped based on performance through camp (those winning will go up, those losing will go down).  The last sessions of day 4 will include a camp tournament.  

General Daily Schedule:

2:15-2:30 Arrival

2:30 Camp Intro/ Dynamic Warm Up

2:40-4:30 Competitions, games, play based

4:30-5:00 Extended Break (Snack Time)

5:00-6:30 More competitions, games, play

- A full list of COVID protocols are below.  These are subject to change based on regulations federally, NJ, or the township.

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"High School Boot Camp" VB Camp


August 2-5, 2021 (9:00AM-4:00PM) 
Cost: $360 ($335 Discounted Price until June 1st)

Hosted at Georgian Court University (Lakewood, NJ)

Open to Girls aged 12-18

This camp is best for athletes with a basic understanding of the sport.  

For 2021 we are back with our regularly scheduled full-day HS Boot Camp style volleyball camp, run by the staff of Georgian Court University.  This has always been our most popular and quickest-to-be-filled camp.

The #1 goal of this camp is to prepare female athletes for their upcoming High School volleyball tryouts!

This camp will follow an intense camp schedule; combining skill instruction, rigorous drills, and competitive games to get the most out of our athletes.  Our morning skill sessions are run just like our NCAA Division II college pre-season, with a focus on technique.  Our afternoon sessions are meant to be competitive and reinforce the skills we mastered in the morning.   Athletes will be grouped  by skill/age.  Camp ends with our always competitive, Camp Tournament.

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More General Camp Info (BOTH)

Costs of each camps is listed above.

Non-Refundable Deposit: $100 per camp

(Deposit is applied to the cost of camp)

(Deposit and all moneys paid towards camp will be refunded if any/all camps are canceled due to the ongoing Pandemic)

**Discounts Available** - 1 Max discount per Camp

"Multi-Camp Discount"- $50 OFF Additional Camps

"Early Registration"- $25 OFF if registered and paid in full by June 1st, 2021

"Sibling Discount"- $25 OFF each additional child

**Payment must be made by check for all discounts other than the "Early Registration" discount, which is live on the website**

- Registration is not complete until all steps are complete (registration form submitted and deposit paid).  Your spot is not saved until all steps are complete.

- Our camps consistently sell out, so please do not wait.  When we reach capacity a waiting list will be started.  The HS Boot Camp generally sells out months in advance.


- Upon registering, an email will be sent providing your payment options, medical release forms, and emergency contact info. 

- Each camper will receive a camp T-Shirt at the start of the week.

- A camp store will be available at all sites.

- 9-4PM camps include lunch time (roughly 1 hr long).  The 2:30-6:30PM camps will have a 30 minute break/snack time.  Please ensure your athlete has a full lunch for lunch time/healthy snack for snack time.


- All Shore Volleyball Academy camps and clinics are fully insured with K&K Insurance.   No additional memberships costs are required.



- Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns at 

Camp FAQ's:

What happens if the COVID 19 pandemic is still ongoing when we get to camps?

If camps were to be canceled, we would give 100% refunds for deposits and all moneys paid towards camps (just as we did for the '20 Spring Clinic, all '20 Summer Camps, etc.  There may be instances where it is possible to reschedule an early camp for later in the summer.  In that case, you would have the option of a 100% refund or still participating in the new camp dates. 

It is our intention to follow federal and NJ regulations for all future programs. 




Which camps are best for my athlete?

Please read the camp descriptions and who they are best suited for.  If you are not sure, reach out and we can provide recommendations.  We have many weeks of camps, we want to ensure everyone gets the most out of camp.

How do I reserve a spot for my child?

All camps require both the registration form and a deposit to reserve your child's spot.

I am on the waiting list, what can I expect next?

Waiting lists are created once camps have reached capacity.  As registrants pull out (for any reason) we refer to this list to offer newly opened spots.  This could be from weeks before camp to even day 1 of camp.  Things do come up, so it is very typical for numerous athletes from the waiting list to be admitted into camps.

Is there air-conditioning?

All sites for our 2021 camps are air-conditioned.

Are drinks provided?

Due to COVID, all drinks and food must be brought by the athlete, and kept in their possession.   Please ensure your child has enough for the full day, then a few extra bottles on top of that.  Camp is long and tiring.  

Updated 3/1/21


There are A LOT of moving parts, as we have to follow regulations of the state of NJ, the town where the camp/clinic is being held, and our insurance company.  These are subject to change based on requirements of any of the above organizations.

- As mentioned above, 100% refunds will be given to those unable to attend for medical/illness reasons.  Please still let us know as early as possible, as our staffing/plans are formatted for the # of athletes we expect.  Camps/Clinic numbers will be limited, so please just communicate.

- If an athlete has to pull out during camp (Athlete OR Family Member becomes ill/has a fever), a portion of the paid fee's will be returned based on how many sessions the athlete participated in.

- A new medical form has been created.  To ensure it is accurate, this form may not be submitted more than 1 week prior to any Shore Volleyball Academy Clinic/Camp.  Parent/Guardians will need to sign that the athlete has not had symptoms, or been exposed to anyone with symptoms for 14 days prior to the start date.

- Athletes will be REQUIRED to have their own water bottle(s) for the entire day.   Unless things change, any and all snacks/lunches will be kept by the athlete at all times.  If refrigeration is needed, you will need to pack an icepack/cooler.  We want to avoid any extra contact, especially around mealtime when dealing with food.

- Additional information will be sent the week leading up to your camp/clinic.  Governor Murphy is constantly making new announcements, so as additional information is available we will be passing it along.


- Masks required during check in process when 6 feet of distancing is difficult to maintain

- Temperature Checks on site for all/random selections before each session

- Separate check-in locations for groups to maintain some distancing

- Separate areas for separate campers to ensure they never are within 6 feet of other groups

- Masks requirements  for athletes (based on NJ regulations)/ Coaches in masks

- Athletes kept in the same group for the entire day in the same area

- Parents/Guardians after checking in must remain beyond a certain distance from camp courts

- Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns at .  Please understand much of this section concerning COVID is for athlete safety.

Typical Programs
Frequently Used Locations:

*Not all programs offered at all sites, check program details for sites*

Georgian Court University

   Lakewood, NJ

Monmouth Grace United Methodist Church

   Eatontown, NJ

Brick Memorial High School

   Brick, NJ

Long Branch Beach

  Long Branch, NJ

  N Bath St & Ocean Ave

John F Patrick Complex

  Lakewood, NJ

Sportika Sports Complex

  Manalapan, NJ

Highline Arena

  Aberdeen, NJ


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